Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thinking About Implants?

I finally had my implant repaired this week. Mentor contributed just enough to cover the cost of capsular repair and replacement of the implant. I didn't receive enough to cover the cost of scar revision. I laughed when the head of their legal department said Mentor's utmost concern was that I would be a satisfied customer. I guess if that were true they would have made sure to repair the ruptured implant at least within the first month; I was nearing 4 months since the rupture by the time they took care of it. Because of this I had to undergo more extensive surgery which included scooping out more tissue and removal of scar tissue that had formed over the ruptured implant.

2 ruptures in 6 years. Is it worth the trouble and duress? We'll see what happens next.

I'll be posting a copy of the agreement they wanted me to sign, which basically stated I would never hold them responsible or liable for any problems of any kind.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mentorcorp Covers Up High Rupture Rate and Flea Infestation

A 2005 NY Times article written by Gardiner Harris details the accounts of 2 former Mentorcorp employees, who were told to destroy documents revealing high rupture rates and poor quality of some types of Mentor implants. Is this the company you would choose? Investigate the history of the company that manufactures your implants. If they haven't proven to display integrity in their practices maybe you don't want their product in your body.

"One employee, John C. Karjanis, who from 1996 until 1998 was manager of
product evaluation for the company, the Mentor Corporation, said some top
executives instructed him to destroy reports detailing the high rupture rates
and poor quality of some types of implants because the products "are in the
customers." He also said the implants were sometimes contaminated with fleas."

"Mentor employees said under oath that their company significantly underreported implant problems," Dr. Zuckerman said. "Mentor's new statistics also seem questionable. Are Mentor implants so much better than their competitors' in terms of rupture rates, or are they providing misleading or false information?"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mentor/Johnson and Johnson's Enhanced Advantage Warranty

If you think paying extra for Mentor's Enhanced Advantage Warranty will bring you peace of mind, think again. While Mentor's warranty covers the cost of implant replacement and a nominal fee for surgery, their customers are left high and dry (pardon the pun) with regard to fees they might incur for other complications they may incur, like a capsulotomy. What's a "capsulotomy"? I'm glad you asked. Capsular contracture is scar tissue that forms around a foreign object placed in the body. The warranty is also not guaranteed to cover any type of scar revision or other complications that could possibly arise.

I've visited 2 surgeons so far, one told me the price for replacement, scar revision, hospital and anesthesia would be $11,900. The other doc said it would be $5,300 plus hospital and anesthesia, which roughly amounts to another 2 grand, so roughly $7,300 total, almost five thousand less than the initial surgeon was going to charge me. Is it worth it?

Mentor Hides Defects

This was taken from a May 2005 article written by Shelley Whitcher, entitled, "Mentor Corporation Hid Breast Implant Defects, Including Flea Contamination".

A major manufacturer of breast implants, Mentor Corporation, hid information of defective implants from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and consumers, say two former employees. According to a recent New York Times article ("Implant Maker Hid Defects, Workers Said" by Gardiner Harris, May 22, 2005), Mentor purposely withheld important information about its safety record and distributed contaminated products.

The depositions of two former Mentor employees were taken during a lawsuit brought by Kim Hoffman, who claimed that her Mentor implants had made her sick. Although the suit was eventually dismissed, Hoffman provided the depositions to The New York Times last week.
John C. Karjanis, the former product evaluation manager for Mentor, stated under oath that "top executives instructed him to destroy reports detailing the high rupture rates and poor quality of some types of implants because the products 'are in the customers.'" Karjanis also stated that one Mentor manufacturing executive attempted to obtain approval of defective products through fraudulent documents. When confronted by Karjanis, the executive admitted to trying to get one past him.

Moreover, Karjanis stated that Mentor "suppressed a report finding that some implant models had a high failure rate," and that factory workers also hid defective products in the ceiling tiles in an effort to conceal how often the plant failed to make the products properly.During the two years that Karjanis served as the product evaluation manager, Mentor "never met basic quality standards for implant manufacturing."

This is a link to the NY Times piece:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Johnson and Johnson's Product Proves to be a Nightmare

Trusted and well known Johnson and Johnson has a nightmare on their hands with recently acquired Mentor Implants. This is the second time my implants have leaked and little has been done to accomodate my dilemna. Further investigation has uncovered that Mentor covered up and lied about the actual number of ruptures occurring in their implants, more to follow...

Johnson and Johnson Breast Implant Horror

It's been over a month and this is what I look like, my breast still remains deflated because Johnson and Johnson chooses not to stand behind their product-Mentor Breast Implants. Make sure you ask your doctor what type of implants they carry, if the answer is Mentor/Johnson and Johnson, then run the other way!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Think Twice Before Choosing Mentor

The following are transcripts from an email exchange with Mentor. I was told to email my concerns and that I would receive a response. Is this the kind of response you would want if one of your implants suddenly became deflated?

My initial email:
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 22:12:39
To: Subject: Breast Implant Concerns
I have had Mentor Implants for the last six years. Roughly two years after the initial procedure one of them deflated/ruptured. At that time I was referred to a doctor Stephen Bennett in Salt Lake who told me "you have to get both done, we don't replace just one".This last Sunday I called Dr Bennett's office again because I noticed one breast was significantly smaller. They said they'd get back to me with a referral, two days later I got a call saying Dr Bennett "wasn't familiar with anyone here on the East Coast and therefore couldn't give me a referral but make sure you find someone who is board certified".
These are my concerns: 1. If it wasn't necessary to do both implants why was I not given the option? 2. Is this what I can expect every 2 years-rupture or deflation of the Mentor implant and surgery? 3. I have significant scar tissue now that I've had 2 procedures, what can I expect with yet a third? 4. Who is going to give me a referral? Please contact me immediately regarding these issues. I am an active blogger and want these matters resolved as soon as possible. I am extremely upset by the prospect of having to undergo yet another surgery.

Mentor's response:

Thank you for your inquiry. Mentor is unable to respond to your questions, "If it wasn't necessary to do both implants why was I not given the option?", "Is this what I can expect every 2 years-rupture or deflation of the Mentor implant and surgery?" and "I have significant scar tissue now that I've had 2 procedures, what can I expect with yet a third?", as your plastic surgeon remains the best resource for information. To view frequently asked questions about breast augmentation and breast implants, please follow the link to our website: To locate a plastic surgeon in your area familiar with Mentor product, please follow the link to our website: To view the full Mentor Product Replacement Policy and the Mentor Advantage limited warranty programs, please follow the link: Are you experiencing complications? After you have chosen a plastic surgeon, please forward your plastic surgeon's name and number and we will call to secure a report to document your experience. Thank you for your time. Mentor Corporation